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Birks, Lexi

Diary of Her Disappearance (2015)

She remembered trying to run, but being grabbed from behind. She had tried to break away, escape, but the second a warm cloth was pressed to her face, she knew it was over. In the struggle, the trees had swallowed her diary. She wondered now if anyone would ever find it, read it, realize how ignorant she was, and then decide she deserved to be kidnapped.

Greg: Riley's missing. To me, she was a stranger. A girl whose name I didn't even recognize. But when I saw her picture and realized our pasts had once entwined, I knew I would have to find her.

Henricksen, Tom

Cracking the Career Code (2015)

The guide to understanding your options after high school.

We have all heard the horror stories of how people have gone off to college without a plan and left with little to no career prospects and mounting college debt. In Cracking the Career Code we cover the three P’s that will help you find a career match: Passion,  Performance, and Profit.

If you want a challenging and satisfying career then we can help you Crack your Career Code!

Homrighausen, William (Bill)

They Call Me Mr. DeWitt  (2008)

A compilation of personal essays and recollections, creating a timelapse portrait of the DeWitt community from a man who has spent almost 80 consecutive years in the town.

Copies may be purchased through the DeWitt Observer.

Jacobi, Kim with Emily Thompson

Richard the Donkey and His LOUD, LOUD Voice (2015)

Farm life is always magical. The cows, pigs, horses, chickens and YES, even the donkey add to the wonderment. But what happens on the farm when the animals start to feel that the loud HEE HAW is becoming disruptive? Perfect for toddlers to beginning readers!

Lundeen, Nan

Black Dirt Days: Poems as Memoir (2014)

Poet Nan Lundeen gives voice to rural Iowa of the 1950s, "where cornfields sang in summer/and winter howled at our throats". In 37 narrative poems, Nan describes her people: farmers of German, Swedish, and British ancestry who rotate crops and hand-milk cows. Everything depends on family, neighbors, the markets, the weather, and their own stamina. She shares the story of her parents' romance, and her own beginnings as a writer wedded to the land.

More from this author: NanLundeen.com, and author-run writing blog Mooing Around

Mercado, Staci

Seeking Signs (2013)

One hundred years ago, Minnie Seamer’s death shocked her rural Iowa community. A young farmhand found her body hanging in the barn on a rainy summer morning in 1913. The coroner ruled it a suicide, but distraught family members were not convinced. Was it suicide—or was it murder? Seeking Signs, based on actual events, is the story of a young girl’s search for answers in the wake of a family tragedy.

The 2013 Midwest Book Award winner for historical fiction.

Honey Whiskey Murders (2017)

Elsie Edens, the teen detective who found her sister's killer in Seeking Signs, is back. Now in her early 20s and solving cases on her own, Elsie has developed into a full-fledged investigator working for a prominent Clinton, Iowa agency. On November 4th, 1922 a well-known, respected husband and wife were brutally slain in their country store in Low Moor, Iowa. Elsie is recruited to help solve the crime, leading her through the underbelly of prohibition, through Iowa's Driftless Region, and forcing her to relive a gruesome incident from her past. The Honey Whiskey Murders is based on actual events.

More from this author: StaciAngelinaMercado.com

Mueller, Bill 

Come Drive With Me! (2015)

The adventures, perils, and insights of a driver's ed instructor! This fun book with its two hundred plus true stories will amaze and entertain. Plus it is filled with tips and strategies that will make your driving both easier and safer. With more knowledge and some reflection we can all be more patient, improved drivers.

Time to Ship Another Steer (2018)

Painting a vivid picture of what rural life was like in the 1950s and 1960s, Bill Mueller shares how his family made ends meet and what life was like on a small produce farm. Even kids who were lucky enough to have frown up farming weren't blessed with ten brothers and sisters and two iconic parents.

Paulsen, Ashley

The Merge The Betrayal  (2014)

All Fame, No Fortune (2014)

Weekend Girlfriend (2016)

From The Merge: Piper lives in Ukuthlia, a quiet part of the new US. It's been 6 years, and she is still dealing with the loss of her parents. After going to a town meeting, the citizens deny their allying neighbor's request to merge, causing an uproar. Piper becomes a part of the team that will help protect Ukuthlia. Not only does she have to prepare her body for a fight, but she'll also need to learn how to let people back into her life, and in turn, how to let them go.

More from this author: 'Ashley Paulsen Author' on facebook

Softa, Selatin

Crack in the Curtain (2014)

It’s 1984 and life is quiet for 17-year-old Osman; the summer is winding down and he is preparing for school to start up. But then, at a traditional wedding celebration, Osman meets Leyla, the girl who steals his heart. Theirs is no ordinary relationship, as their lives are soon turned upside down by the Communist regime ruling Bulgaria. As an ethnic group, Turks are about to be erased, their names and cultural identities stripped from them at gunpoint with the swipe of a Communist pen. Osman needs to flee for his life; he needs to search for a crack in the curtain.

More from this author: SelatinSofta.com

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