Genealogy and Local History

Uncover the story of your family and your hometown by digging into any of the following resources, available now through your library!

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Newspapers and Area Records on Microfilm

Records for the DeWitt Observer (originally called the DeWitt Standard) are available dating back to 1865, with select records also available from the Iowa Census, the Lost Nation Press and Community Scoop, the Charlotte Record, the Wheatland Gazette, and the Clinton County Historical Preservation Commission. Records for The Observer are most complete, but please note that some time spans may be unaccounted for as some records have been lost or destroyed.

The Central Community Historical Society has been working on digitizing local newspapers ranging back to the 1800's. Visit Central Community Historical Society :: ( to view the growing database.

Cemetery Records and Platt Maps

Browse records of burials throughout Clinton County: records searchable by town and cemetery. Platt maps available dating from 1865.

Yearbook Collection

Yearbooks for the Central Clinton Community High School of DeWitt, covering the following years: 1962, '63, '71, '75, '76, '79, '81-'83, '86-'90, '93-'96, '98, '99, 2002, and '04-'11.

(Please note that donated yearbooks always welcome for the years we are missing!)

Various Additional Family and Area Records

Over the years we have received several unique records relating to area history; feel free to stop in at any time to browse through our miscellaneous holdings.

Local History Sites, Societies and Museums

For unique records, special collections, and on-site history, consider any of the following area organizations:

Central Community Historical Society & Museum

628 - 6th Avenue, DeWitt IA  •  (563) 659-9717

Permanent and rotating museum displays related to the history of Clinton County (especially the DeWitt area), as well as a genealogical index and research area with records dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. Limited hours, but access also available by appointment: call Ann Soenksen at (563) 659-3686 for more information.

Belgian Museum of the Quad Cities

1608 - 7th St., Moline IL  •  (309) 762-0167

A museum dedicated to preserving and sharing the Quad City's Belgian heritage. Archives and library documents available to view, and museum volunteers may be contacted to help with genealogical research and translations.

Clinton County Historical Society/Museum

601 S 1st St., Clinton IA  •  (563) 242-1201

The museum aims to display the history of Clinton County residents as they lived, played and worked. A research library is also available, specializing in information and photographs of Clinton County history.

German American Heritage Center

712 W 2nd St., Davenport IA  •  (563) 322-8844

Intended to preserve the area's German heritage, and to promote understanding of the German immigration experience that helped to form Eastern Iowa and the Midwest.

Jackson County Historical Society

(Mulitple sites managed)  •   (563) 652-5020

Currently oversees four museums related to Jackson County history, as well as a Research and Family History Library for both genealogical and local area research.

Richard Sloane Special Collections

Davenport Public Library  •   321 N Main Street, Davenport IA  •   (563) 326-7902

A massive collection of local history and genealogical records relating to the Davenport and Eastern Iowa area: the Special Collections also serve as the Archives for the City of Davenport.

To learn more about Iowa in general, you can also plan a visit to one of the many sites dedicated to preserving Iowa's history and pre-history:
Sites include: The Hopewell burial mounds at the Toolesboro site, the Blood Run National Historic Landmark, Plum Grove (retirement home of Territorial Governor Robert Lucas), Montauk (home of Iowa's 12th Governor William Larrabee), the Matthew Edel Blacksmith Shop, the American Gothic house, the Abbie Gardner Sharp cabin, and the Western Historic Trails Center.
An interactive, 500-acre outdoor museum that tells the story of how Iowans transformed the fertile prairies of the Midwest over 300 years into the most productive farmland in the world.