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What is BRIDGES? 

BRIDGES is Iowa's statewide digital library service. Participating libraries pay for a subscription, and digital copies are then available to any participating library's registered patrons.


Free online eBooks and audiobooks that you can check out from anywhere! Browse the full collection on the Bridges website.

Each patron may have 3 items checked out at a time. All items can be checked out for two weeks, and are 'returned' automatically at the end of that time.

How to Use BRIDGES:

You will need a current library card, and must live in an eligible area (see 'Eligibility').

1) If you want to read on the go, prepare by downloading the free Overdrive app for your mobile device. (Search with the name of your device [iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.] to find instructions on BRIDGES for setting up the app, or stop in to the library to pick up an instructions sheet.)

2) Go to the BRIDGES website. Click 'Sign In' in the upper right. Select the 'Dewitt' library, follow the link directed, and then enter your patron number (the number under the barcode on your library card).

3) Select an eBook or audiobook from the collection. If the item is currently available, it will give you an option to 'Borrow': click 'Borrow'. (If all copies are currently checked out, you can 'Place a Hold' instead and will be alerted by email when the item is available.)

4) Go to the 'Account' tab if not taken there automatically. Use the dropdown options next to the title you checked out to select a download format, or select 'Read in Browser' to simply open the item in a new browser window. If downloaded, the item will appear in the 'Bookshelf' section of your Overdrive app.

If you have any questions about this process, pick up an instruction sheet from the library, or feel free to call in or stop by any time to ask a librarian!


The library agrees to make the BRIDGES online ebooks and audiobook service available only to residents of its own city, rural residents of its own county, and/or residents of contracting cities. This is the contractual agreement the State of Iowa has made with Overdrive. Open Access customers are NOT ELIGIBLE for BRIDGES, because Open Access customers do not pay taxes for this service. For example, Calamus is an Open Access library that does NOT subscribe to BRIDGES and CANNOT use DeWitt's, Clinton's, or Camanche's BRIDGES subscription.

As a participant of BRIDGES, our library is expected to act in good faith and cannot violate the contract.

If your home library is Open Access and does not currently have a subscription to BRIDGES, consider asking your library to join and provide and access to downloadable eBooks and audiobooks. Please keep in mind that there is a cost to this service, and your library may or may not be able to meet your request.

Open Access users are still welcome to check out physical items from the DeWitt Library.

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