Welcome to the Kids' Zone!

The Kids' Zone is home to our children's collection, a play area, storytime room and more.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Tell me more!

Who? Any child who hasn't yet entered kindergarten can participate. This includes babies and toddlers!

What? A fun challenge for you and your child - as simple as it sounds! Read 1,000 books before they start kindergarten.

When? Anytime! This program is ongoing and self-paced.

Where? Anywhere! Track books read at home, daycare, the library - wherever you're reading!

Why? There are countless benefits of reading to your child - it helps with early brain development and builds key language, literacy and social skills. Additionally, reading together builds a bond between the child and those that are reading to them.

How? Stop by the DeWitt Community Library Circulation Desk to sign up today!


Welcome to the Neighborhood!

To make it easier for you and your children find books they love, we've separated out our picture books into eleven different categories, or "Neighborhoods".

If you need assistance finding a specific book, a staff member is happy to help you!


Looking for well-known popular authors, characters, or franchises? This is your category!

  • Examples: Mo Willems, Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Pete the Cat, Disney, Marvel, and more!

Terrific Tales:

Stories to share with the whole family! Here you'll find:

  • Fairy tales
  • Dreams and imagination
  • Silly stories
  • Adventures
  • Books about pirates or monsters... or both!


Books about everything we celebrate!

  • Holidays (seasonal, religious, etc.)
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Parades


  • Weather-- rain, snow, etc.
  • Seasons
  • Natural world, gardening & plants
  • Experiments & engineering
  • Animal Habitats
  • Space

Animal Friends:

There are a LOT of picture books about animals, so they are separated into two (2) categories. "Animal Friends" is for domestic animals where you'll find books about

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Farm Animals
  • Other pets

Wild Creatures:

This category is for creatures generally found in the wild:

  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • Oceans
  • Zoo animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Bugs

Family and Me:

Books all about YOU!

  • Family
  • Feelings-- including books about grief
  • Growing up
  • Things we do-- getting dressed, bedtime, sharing, chores, etc.
  • Body & health


Books about the places, people, and things that help shape our daily lives:

  • Cities, states, and countries
  • Travel
  • School, work, church, libraries. etc.
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Jobs & community helpers
  • Culture & religion
  • History


These are the books that focus on activities & hobbies:

  • Sports
  • Reading & writing
  • Look & Find or I Spy books
  • Art & crafts
  • Dance and movement
  • Games, toys, and activities


1-2-3 and A-B-C-- these books help teach the basics:

  • Counting
  • Alphabet
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Colors


For young readers fascinated by anything and everything on wheels:

  • Trucks, cars, bikes
  • Construction
  • Some popular characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Disney's Cars