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Perfect for when your child loves a book and wants to read more like it. Books are matched on a combination of factors including reading level, genre, and theme/subject.

Scholastic Book Wizard: Use the 'Search for Similar Books' tab to find recommendations based on a particular book. Book Wizard is also available as a mobile app for Apple and Android.

Book Lists by Grade/Age

Lists of popular titles sorted by suggested grade and age range:

Beginning Readers

Grades K-5

Grades 6-8

High School

Book Lists by Reading Level

Lexile scores are currently the standard for matching kids with the books that will fall neatly into their level of reading comprehension. Scores can help ensure that your child is encountering books that are helping them grow as a reader, but note that Lexile scores should never be the only consideration, as they do not in any way account for content.

LexileThe official site for Lexile standards. Search for books by your child's current Lexile range, or by a range quickly approximated for you on-site.

Scholastic Book Wizard: Use the 'Search by Reading Level' tab and select 'Lexile' to enter a score range.

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