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Animal Corner

An online encyclopedia featuring all types of animals from all types of environments.

Includes animal photographs and extensive information on habitats and behavior.

Mother bunny with her babies

Animal World: Pets

Info about all sorts of animals kept as pets, from dogs and cats to exotic birds and fish.

Special emphasis on how to be a responsible animal caretaker.

Bengal tiger portrait

ARKive: Endangered Species

A massive digital library for professional films and photographs of the world's wild species.

Especially concerned with awareness of endangered species.

Cat snuggles dogs ear


For people who love cute animal pictures, but also love learning about those animals.

Fact-checked regularly. See also the original subreddit.

Prehistoric Nature showing a spinosaurus

BBC Nature: Prehistoric Life

From dinosaurs to human ancestors, provides tons of resources about ancient life on Earth.

A companion site for the popular BBC Nature series of the same name.

Animal Kingdom showing an Elephant

Extreme Science: Animal Kingdom

The biggest and the fastest -- meet some of the most extreme animals on earth.

For more extreme animals (including the strange and the deadly), see Animal Danger.

For more offbeat record-holders, see Guinness World Records for Animals.

Infrared Gecko

Infrared Zoo

Learn about animals in a whole new way with the help of photos from heat-sensing cameras.

Especially good for learning what it means to be warm-blooded, cold-blooded, or insulated.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

Explore the world's animals and learn all about your favorites.

A tie-in to the magazine of the same name, and to the official Nat Geo website.

Ocean Portal

Ocean Portal

For news, info, and all things ocean.

Sponsored by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

PBS Nature Logo

PBS Nature

An animal-lover's dream. From animals to ecosystems, find photos, videos, news, and more.

A companion site to the celebrated PBS documentary series 'Nature'.

Rick Ranger Characters

Ranger Rick

A tie-in site to the leading nature magazine for kids. Find great facts, photos, and DIY ideas.

See also 'Ranger Rick Jr', perfect for younger kids.

Graphic for Web MD Healthy Pets

WebMD: Pets

A complete resource on training, care, and symptom-checking for dogs and cats.

Sponsored by the WebMD website.

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