Tikal Mayan Ruins

Learn what happens to make empires fall apart, and what marks they leave behind.

Sponsored by Annenberg Learner.

Egypt Opet

Explore an ancient world filled with pharaohs, gods, mummies, and more.

Sponsored by Eyelid Productions, edited by author and artist Mark Millmore.

History Channel Logo

History.com: This Day in History

Every day, find a new article on a fantastic, tragic, or bizarre event from history.

Also check out the 'History Blog' and quick-read 'History Lists'.

A companion site to A&E's History channel.

Revolutionary War with troops

Kids.gov: American History

A crash course in some of the most important people and events in U.S. history.

Sponsored by USA.gov, and part of the official U.S. government site for kids.

Reading Room

Library of Congress: World History & Cultures

Sample some of the amazing manuscripts and exhibition pieces available at the Library of Congress.

Odyssey Hydra


Choose from six different locations to learn about daily life in the ancient world!

Sponsored by the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University.

US Capitols and Landmarks

Scholastica Travel: 15 Virtual History Site Tours

'Visit' 15 famous historical sites in the U.S with a collection of great virtual tours.

List compiled by Scholastica, an educational group travel service.

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