Math and Logic

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A Plus Math

Reviews and practice worksheets for basic math.

Brain Bashers Logo

Brain Bashers

Puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions to have fun with your brain.

Cool Math logo

Cool Math

Math at all levels (see 'Math 4 Kids' at right for intro math), plus lots of games.

Figure This Logo

Figure This!

Think your way through a series of real-world math challenges.

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FunBrain Math Arcade

A collection of awesome math games — pass each game to advance through the board.

iXL Logo

IXL Math Review

Select a grade level to find full reviews of key concepts.

The Logic Zone Brain

The Logic Zone

Tons of logic problems, puzzles, and cryptograms.

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Math is Fun

A great math buffet, with everything from concepts to real-life uses, games, and a math dictionary.

Math Playground Logo

Math Playground

Tons and tons of all kinds of math games and activities.

Also check out Primary Games.

Math Play Race Car


Tons of games, but each game here is geared towards learning a specific concept.

Great for students at all levels.

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