Practical Skills

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Introduces kids to the concept of advertising, and helps them practice analyzing ads.

Presented in an adventure game format.

Sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission.

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Biz Kids

What it takes to run a business, with examples from successful young entrepreneurs.

A companion site to the PBS kids' show of the same name.

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A full online K-5 curriculum for getting kids started with coding and programming.

Also see 'Scratch: Coding for Kids' below.

Run by a nonprofit organization.

Penny Finances

Financial Literacy Math Quizzes

Become comfortable using money by practicing with these quizzes!

Focuses primarily on working with coins, bills, and written amounts.

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Hands-On Banking

An introduction to some higher-level money skills, such as setting a budget and using credit.

Sponsored by Wells Fargo.

Watch Online

Intro to Critical Thinking

A video crash course on why critical thinking is important and what it involves.

Recommended for older kids and early teens.

Kids Gardening

Kids Gardening

Great projects and lessons focused around gardening and the environment.

Run by a nonprofit organization sponsored by the National Gardening Association.

PBS It's my life

PBS Kids: "It's My Life" Wellness

From taking care of your body to managing friends, school, and family, a great site on overall wellness.

Designed to create a safe space for kids to learn and talk about a wide range of topics. Best for older kids.

Sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Practical Skills H Toolbox

Project H Design: Toolbox

A collection of resources to help kids of all ages design projects and get into hands-on building.

Best suited for older kids.

Sponsored by Project H.

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Scratch: Coding for Kids

Learn to think like a programmer by designing your own games and videos!

Designed for ages 8+, although younger kids could use with guidance. See also '' above.

Sponsored by the MIT Media Lab.

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Stop Bullying

Simple tips to help kids identify and put a stop to bullying. A great way to start this important conversation with your kids.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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