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From finding great new material to managing your account at home, there are many things you can do to customize your library experience. Just ask a librarian about any of the options below, or follow the instructions to get started!

Note that several of the options below are also available by logging into our catalog: to do this, go to our catalog and click 'Log On' in the upper right. Use your last name as the username, and your library patron number (under the barcode on your card) as your PIN.

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Email Reminders for Items Coming Due

We are now able to offer an automated email notice when you have items on your account that will be due soon. To start receiving reminders, just request the service AND provide an email address to be added to the personal information on your account. (You can stop by, call in, or email to make the request.) To add your email address to your account online, please click HERE.

Pay For Lost or Damaged Materials Online

Payment for lost or damaged materials can be made at the front desk, or through our online PayPort. The library no longer charges late fees for overdue materials, but will send billing for replacement fees for materials past due 30 days or more.


If you need more time with an item you have checked out, we can usually renew that item for another checkout period (1 to 2 weeks, depending on the material type). Renewals CANNOT be made when your items are over 14 days overdue, when someone else has placed a reserve on the item you're trying to renew, or when the item was acquired through an Interlibrary Loan.

Online: Log into our catalog, go to your account, and click the 'Items Out' tab. Check the box next to the item(s) you'd like to renew, and then hit 'Renew' on the far right. Please note that this will not work if your items are already overdue, or if your library card is expired.

Over the Phone: Call in and give us the first and last name on the library account, or your PIN.


A reserve can be placed on any item in the library's catalog, and puts you in line to receive the item when it becomes available. Reserves for items are made strictly on a first-come first-served basis, and you will receive a call or postcard when a reserved item is ready for you to pick up. Reserves are held at the front desk for three days after you are contacted.

Online: To reserve an item online, log into our catalog, then search for the item you'd like to reserve. Click on its title to bring up the item's information, then click the 'Reserve' button. Click 'Reserve' once more when prompted, then click 'OK'.

Over the Phone: Call in any time during business hours — try to be prepared with information such as title and author.

Automatic Reserves by Author: If there's a popular author whose work you always like, you can subscribe to them through your online account. To access this feature, call or stop by the library to have staff assist you.

Request an Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loans (ILL's) are items that our library doesn't have, but which we can borrow from another Iowa public library upon request. If we are able to get an item for you by ILL, it will cost $2 at pickup (enough to cover the physical shipping of the book between libraries). You can usually keep ILL items for 3-4 weeks.

Over the Phone: Call in and give us the title of the item you're looking for, along with any other information that will help us identify the correct item. In addition, make sure that we have a current phone number and/or address at which to reach you.

*Please note: in order to keep up with increasing postage costs, the Library Board has voted to increase ILL service cost to $3.00 starting January 2018. *

Suggest a Purchase

If there's an item you think our library should add to the permanent collection, you can submit a recommendation that we buy the item. (We treat all recommendations seriously and are able to follow through on many, but do keep in mind that any final purchasing decisions are made at the discretion of the library staff.)

Online: Fill out the 'Suggest a Purchase' form here.

Over the Phone: Call in and give us the title of the item, along with any other information necessary to identify the correct item. In the event we do decide to purchase, you can also leave your contact information so that we can reserve the item for you.

Reader's Advisory Services

Looking for something good to read? Reader's Advisory is all about generating suggestions based on your taste, and your librarians are happy to help!

DIY Reader's Advisory: We have links to many great resources that can help you fall in love with a new read, all of which can be found here.

Librarian Recommendations: Stop by the front desk any time to ask for assistance, or to fill out a recommendation request.

Update Account Information

Your account needs a current address at all times, and a current phone number is strongly advised. (Email addresses may also be added to receive coming-due reminders for any items checked out on your account.)

If your address, phone number, email address, or name have changed, please let us know so that we can keep your account up to date. You may call, stop in, or email to give us your new information.


You can now sign up to have the library's monthly newsletter sent directly to your email inbox:  click here for more information.

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